The Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educators Institute 2016 in Berlijn: Showcases Part II


Yesterday I told you about two great ADE Showcases we saw at the WW ADE Institute in Berlin last week. Today I want to tell you more about two other ADE’s who inspired me with their short presentation.

Take your iPads where you teach – Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie is a New Zealand teacher working in Singapore.She wants her kids to take the iPad outside so28020005904_9e2a9d329a_z they can learn through documenting the world they live in.

In one example they did research on the Singapore River area by collecting historical pictures and then make an overlay with the present views. In a next step, they would put themselves in the historic pictures through green screen technique to immerse even more in the subject.

Read more about Stephanie’s work on her blog:

Virtual Reality for Immersive Education – Sarah Jones

L1001317Sarah Jones works in Higher Education at Coventry University in the UK where she is the Deputy Head of School of Media and Performing Arts. She is a huge advocate for using Virtual Reality and 360 video in education. In her showcase she pointed to an Albert Einstein quote: “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” Virtual Reality immerses you in the content so it becomes an experience. And you don’t need very expensive equipment: VR headsets can be made from cardboard.

But VR is not only about being somewhere you are not, you can really tap into the places you visit by putting layers with information on the 360° images with apps like Thinglink. And think about simulations like a doctor-patient interview.

But even more: being someone else creates deeper learning. Sarah told us about a project she did where VR made you experience the world in the way someone with dementia does. This helps medical and care students prepare in their work with people with dementia.[:]

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