Icelandic inspiration

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the applicants who got selected to join the Apple Distinguished Educators program. As I was browsing the list, I noticed a familiar name. It was Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson from Iceland. Seeing his name reminded me of an article he wrote in 2014 on how we organise school, classes and classrooms. It was titled 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools. The article is a good starting point to reflect on how your school is organised and what you can do to get it up to date.


  • Teachers that don’t share what they do. learn what you can do about it here
  • All students get the same.
  • Standardised tests.
  • Starting school at 8 o’clock for teenagers.
  • Isolated subjects for 40-80 minutes. (my favourite!)

Ingvi really builds a strong case to encourage every school leader and teacher to rethink education and challenge the status-quo.

Read the article here.

There is a follow-up with 10 more obsolete things.

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