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(R)evolution in Limburg. Visiting a Distinguished School

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Sint-Ursula School in Horn, Limburg, The Netherlands together with fellow Belgian and Dutch ADEs. This school has been awarded the title Apple Distinguished School recently and has a 4 year history of implementing iPad devices 1:1 to students. The story of learning at Sint-Ursula Not all...

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Icelandic inspiration

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the applicants who got selected to join the Apple Distinguished Educators program. As I was browsing the list, I noticed a familiar name. It was Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson from Iceland. Seeing his name reminded me of an article he wrote in 2014 on how we organise school, classes...

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A Learning Device For Every Student – Part III – Getting everyone on board

So we decided that 1:1 iPad was the way to go Read here how we made this decision. Next step was the most important step to take: plan. What do you need to think of before you welcome students with iPad in your class? A lot! Apple provides with a good framework to bring...

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Is de tekstverwerker overbodig geworden?

De platgetreden paden bewandelen of niet? Momenteel hebben we op school een discussie over welke productiviteitssuite (en meer bepaald welke tekstverwerker) we gaan aanleren op school vanaf volgend schooljaar. Tot nu gebruikten we op school daarvoor de recentste versie van Microsoft Office op Windows voor. Het is duidelijk dat MS Word zowel in het...

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Listen to ‘The Wired Educator Podcast’

I strongly recommend this podcast by fellow ADE Kelly Croy. Kelly is an ADE from Oak Harbour, Ohio and teaches in Middle School. He is also a Keynote Speaker on art and education and published author. I had the privilege of talking to Kelly on Global ADE Institutes and the guy is truly inspiring....

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A Learning Device for Every Student? – Part I

Start with why My school has always been a pioneer when it comes to integrating technology in the classroom. Previous school leaders envisioned that technology brings major assistance to the instructional activities of teachers and the learning process of the students. So every classroom used to have overhead projectors, we have had laptop carts,...

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