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Climate Change in Apple’s Ecosystem

One of the main reasons why we choose iPad in our school as a learning and teaching device is Apple’s ecosystem: impeccable hardware that runs its own superior operating system combined with an app environment that empowers users to be both productive and creative. Apple’s own productivity suite (with Pages, Keynote and Numbers), creative...

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A Learning Device for Every Student – Part V – Ready? Go!

It has been very quiet in this blog series. There’s only one reason: deployment was a more than fulltime occupation. Time for writing was never more scarce. Today the big rush is over and I can find some time to reflect on the past few weeks. Student preparation As I mentioned in the previous...

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(R)evolution in Limburg. Visiting a Distinguished School

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Sint-Ursula School in Horn, Limburg, The Netherlands together with fellow Belgian and Dutch ADEs. This school has been awarded the title Apple Distinguished School recently and has a 4 year history of implementing iPad devices 1:1 to students. The story of learning at Sint-Ursula Not all...

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A Learning Device For Every Student – Part IV – Roll-out scenarios

In this fourth part of this series, I’d like to talk about the technical side of the deployment. You will not need to ben a system engineer to read the following; I’ll try to keep it as comprehensible as possible. Planning is key When managing several hundred iPad devices, planning thoroughly is essential. I...

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Icelandic inspiration

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the applicants who got selected to join the Apple Distinguished Educators program. As I was browsing the list, I noticed a familiar name. It was Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson from Iceland. Seeing his name reminded me of an article he wrote in 2014 on how we organise school, classes...

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